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RPM: Tina Edwards

One of the most curious and respected selectors in the U.K., Tina Edwards joins the dots between Jazz and club culture.

At home on – where she’s been a resident for five years, Tina brings together a broad range of sounds; think contemporary and uncovered gems; large-scale jazz, funk, disco, a spectrum of house music and even left-field pop; nothing is off the table.

The spirit of the UK Jazz sound – which Tina has been championing through her radio and presenting projects since 2014, is at the epicentre of everything she does. Tina also hosts radio for @british_airways and @bbcradio3, and has written on jazz and club culture for the @guardian, The @telegraph and @downbeat_mag. Her records can be found scattered across her house and will one day be organised…😊

Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

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DIGGR: What’s one thing that people don’t know about you

TINA: “Jazz is such a huge love of mine that often people assume I grew up on it. Truth is, I grew up on a diet of rock, pop and my parent’s motown albums. I saw live jazz for the first time in my early 20s and that was it; I was hooked.

Also, my record collection is scattered across the house; finding what I’m looking for can take time!”

D: When digging, what are 2 of the things that draw you to a record?

T: “Although there’s some excellent (and brilliantly awful) sleeves out there, I tend to look at 1) personnel and 2) for quotes about the music from experts in their field; it must be the music journo in me, but an intriguing statement about a record can be all it takes to hook me.

D: Your Birthday track…

T: “Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood”

D: What is it about vinyl that makes you dig it?

T: “The ceremony; it makes you absorb each moment of the music.”

D: Motivated Monday; what tune gets your engine going?

T: “Right now it’s Rim Kwaku Obeng; For Real. It’s so damn joyful and badass.”

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