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RPM: Jonny Tawn

Jonny is one half of London’s DJ/Production duo,

The @gottwood festival residents have had a string of releases over the past few years on labels such as @tropicaldiscorecords@semidelicious@gottwax and also some on their own vinyl only imprint @notforyourecords

True to Jive Talk’s style, Jonny’s record collection is varied but with an emphasis on things all things naughty, from Balearic to 2-step, there’s something for all occasions.

Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

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DIGGR: Weirdest most quirky record buying memory?

JONNY: “I wouldn’t say it was weird, but certainly a bit quirky. There is a brilliant sunglasses shop on Columbia Rd. called Bridges & Brows and they invited me along to a pop up record sale there which was run by a fascinating bloke called ‘Miggs’.

I was completely blown away by his music collection and his insanely in-depth knowledge of every bit of wax I picked out. A good day!”

D: Who is the person that knows your collection almost as well as you do?

J: “That would have to be my DJ partner and best mate, Sam. Although I don’t show him everything in case he steals it ;-)”

D: 7 inches, 10 inches, or 12 inches?

J: “It’s nice having all 3 and I’ve been getting some great funky 7 inches recently but the majority of my collection are 12’s.”

D: When digging, what are 2 of the things that draw you to a record?

J: “If it’s not an artist I know then I’ll pick bits out by the artwork when digging and give it a quick listen. If the cover or logo is really cool, chances are the people behind it have good taste, that said I’ve often been completely let down by what I hear so it’s definitely not a science!”

D: Where is your digging Mecca (city / country) and why?

J: “I love digging on Discogs as I can do this anytime, any place. Shop-wise, in London, I’m a fan of Phonica, Love Vinyl, and ColdCuts/HotWax, I especially like the way ColdCuts categorise their records.

Somewhere I’d like to spend a good day digging is Tribe Records in Leeds, I’ve been in there twice but both times had a very short window before catching a train so didn’t get a proper look but have vowed to return with plenty of time and record money to boot.”

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