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RPM: Optimus Funk

Optimus Funk aka Adrian Burton is a London-based DJ, digger and former street dancer who breathes funk, disco, and jazz. His background in street dance is evident in the way he moves between styles and eras. From Disco and Breaks, to Boogie and Modern Funk and even the odd retro video game music references, he glides effortlessly between genre staples and hidden gems alike.

Having been known as one of the movers and shakers in London’s thriving dance scene over the years, it should be a divine transition for the man himself to bring the boogie from the floor and into the booth as one of the capital’s finest selectors and collectors of feel-good funk related rhythms. Often with a crew of dancer mates in tow, you’ll never find the dance floor with their backs up against the wall.

Optimus also hosts monthly shows on both @threadsradio and often via his own @twitch channel, which he’s continuously pushed the clock in recent times racking up broadcasts of 8hrs+, where he spans the breadth of his knowledge and dedication to collecting music frequently.

He’s also recently returned to his long-time residency at @boxparkcroydon, keep an eye out for other collaborations in the coming months.

Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

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DIGGR: Who are your biggest musical influences?

OF: “If we’re talking about DJs then Dam-Funk is at the top. Real game changer. Hearing him unapologetically spinning boogie and modern funk inspired me to do more digging in that area. In terms of artists… I’ve been on a jazzy flex lately so Roy Hargrove, Kaidi Tatham, and Henry Wu spring to mind.”

D: Number 1 guilty pleasure record…

OF: Phil Collins – Easy Lover. Guilty? In the public consciousness perhaps, but I feel no guilt… It’s a tune!”

D: Name a song to soundtrack the sunshine….

OF: “Raw Silk – Do It To The Music”

D: Where is your digging Mecca (city/country) and why?

OF: “I dig a lot of Japanese funk, boogie and jazz, so there’s no better place than Japan. I haven’t been in a few years, but I would honestly fly out just to buy records.

I did most of my digging in Tokyo, but I’ve bookmarked a few places in Osaka for next time.”

D: Weirdest most quirky record buying memory?

OF: “A trip to New York left my luggage significantly overweight, so I wore as many of my clothes as I could and abandoned the rest at the airport. It was worth it.”

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