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Counter Culture 003: The Record Deck

“You can find the Record Deck floating record shop travelling the waterways, popping up in towns and at canal festivals and floating markets. Follow us on social media to find out where we are heading next. Our Instagram feed gives a good idea of the sort of things we have in stock.”

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What is the best thing about running a record shop? Why do you do it?

“I think it is a dream of many vinyl addicts to have their own shop, you can never get bored of discovering new sounds, or coming across rare and interesting gems. And then there’s the community aspect, a meeting place for like minded enthusiasts. I learn something from the customers every time I open. I wish there were more time to properly check out every recommendation I’m given.”

What is it about your store that makes it special?

“We come to you, well, so long as you live on the Canal system in Southern England we do. For the last 9 years I’ve travelled to different towns, canal festivals and floating markets with a floating record shop. This year we’re travelling between Bath and Cropredy Festival, stopping in Oxford, Reading, Newbury, Devizes and then Bradford-on-Avon Floating Market.”

Are there any records that you regret selling or wish you still had in your store?

“When I first opened I sold a fair amount of my own collection (and kept plenty) but in there was quite a lot of 1990s stuff which of course has probably at least quadrupled in value in the last 9 years. I think that’s definitely the collector’s market of the future, I get asked for that era more than anything else at the moment.”

What is the best bit of feedback you have received from customers?

“That would be that they are pleased with the choice, the price and the condition of the records in the shop. It’s tricky with 2nd hand records, finding good titles in great condition, and making sure everyone in the chain is happy, the sellers, me and buyers. We’ve a lot of regulars and the shop wouldn’t survive without them (thanks everyone)”

Have you ever had any encounters with famous musicians or bands visiting your store?

“We had Paul Weller visit while moored in Paddington Basin in London, I initially thought it a lookalike but it was him, he had very nice shoes.”

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