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RPM: MissMoon

Miss Moon is a passionate collector based in  Nîmes (South France) who has been collecting records since 1996. 

“I play mainly House Deep House and Techno and sometimes disco funk or trip hop only vinyl.”

She has DJ’d since the end of 1990’s and made a name for herself in the South of France via her DJ sets and advocacy for electronic music in the area. After a break in her deejaying career she’s now back with a fresh energy, lots of inspiration and endless passion. 

More recently, she was a guest on @lealisamusic radio show “Noboundaries” on Universal Rhythms UK. guest on radio show on LYL radio or on @o.rheun podcast and guest @le_discopathe or on @pinata_radio, event @monbonsillon

Inspired by Detroit Techno and Chicago House she likes to create atmospheres, to give groove and energy in her mixes. 

 She regularly appears live on her called « Voyage sur la Lune ».

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Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

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Favourite record labels of all time?

“When i started in the mid 90’s House and Techno were 2 twin sisters! for me it was the same music, that’s why i will name so many labels with House and Techno origins like Peacefrog, Dance mania , Prescription, Guidance, cajual, glasgow underground, Ferox, Music Man, Planet E, Cabinet Records, Axis, Basic Channel,F Com…I can’t name them all, but there are so many! For me, these are the founding labels, the base, the structure with which I still play.”

Who is the person that knows your collection almost as well as you do?

“I can’t do this interview without talking about him. He was my husband, the father of my 2 children, my partner behind the decks, It was he who taught me everything I inherited his invaluable record collection
his TR 909 and 707 drum machines all my DJ set up. He was called Olivier Dj OXO and passed away in 2013.”

Name one friend that is the ultimate fiend for the wax…

“French DJ and producer based in Marseille, my friend Kriss Kortz aka Life Recorder @liferecmusic Label boss of @lifenotes_recordings He’s a true enthusiast, and you can hear his sincerity and dedication in his Techno-House.”

Where is your digging Mecca (city / country) and why?

“I’ll be digging or mixing at @le_discopathe in Montpellier, south of France. It’s also a bar where you can drink good craft beers and there are lots of events, and the warm welcome from Simon SY and all the team. But I must also tell you about @unite.centrale in Lyon France the record shop of my friend Olivier Mush (Sharivari rec) and @onigiri.records the record shop of Nils also based in Lyon their selections are excellent. Support your local record shop!”

First record purchase and where you bought it?

“Apart from the Ghostbusters 45s released in 1984 that I bought with my brother (I was 8 years old) I’d rather talk about the time when I started mixing. I used to go to Wax Records in Marseille south France, the record shop owned by Jack de Marseille, Paul and Did (it’s since closed). I think one of the first was Tim Harper I Feel A Groove EP released on Peacefrog 1996.”

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