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RPM: Make A Dance

Make A Dance is the lovechild of Ben Lewis & Josh Ludlow, A dj and production duo who also the run the label by the same name. 2021 saw their first two releases sell out with international support from the likes of Folamour, Bradley Zero and Cinthie.

With decades DJ experience between them, all the music they make comes from a place of joy and passion. Make A Dance is for the love of the dance and therefor should always have the dance in mind.

Ben DJ’d, produced and ran events for 10 years under the Real Nice moniker, and Josh currently has releases out under his Public Xcess project with Chloe Caillet as well his band Pigeon (Soundway Records)

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Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

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What is your favourite digging memory?

B: “My dad used to take me to the second hand vinyl exchange (now sadly shut) in Shepherd’s Bush and me and my sister were always allowed one record each.”

J: “I’ve some fresh ones with new friends, but going to my local HMV in the very early 2000s when they still had a buxom drum and bass and underground section was such a treat. It’s so crazy to think how abstract that concept is in today’s climate. You’ll be lucky to get an Elton John CD in Tesco now haha.”

Name one institution that changed your life musically… and why?

B: “Probably Fabric, I had never seen or heard anything like it, the combination of late teenage wonder, ecstasy and bass was overwhelming in the best possible way. Think it was probably a drum and bass or breakbeat night. There was no going back after that.”

J: “Fabric on a Friday night, without a doubt. I was sneaking in there from age 15 on a monthly basis. Pre smoking ban, Pre smartphone, back when I could still enjoy bass without having to have my moulded ear plugs cemented in my ear canal haha. It was like a wild carnival – a little bit scary and on edge at times. And of course the music completely opened every ones minds, right until our brains fell out and were vibrating on the subs of the Room 1 dance floor.”

Name one friend that is the ultimate fiend for wax?

B: “Gotta be Cam who DJs under Cheap Date, he’s got this shed in the garden full of the best records and runs the insta @soundsfromtheshed and been intro’s to so much good music from him, thanks buddy.”

J: “Probably Simone De Kunovich, he’ll spend ££££ on a record he doesn’t even like that much just because it’s a ‘good price’ and not even re-sell it. He also buys A LOT he loves…”

Most quirky record buying memory?

B: “I was in Nairobi and went to this wild record shack in the middle of a meat market. It was so hot and stunk of raw meat but the records were amazing, I got so many 7”s of beautiful African music. That trip really inspired me and was the inspiration behind our track Nanyuki Nights.”

J: “Going to a seemingly deserted, multi coloured Art Deco shopping mall on a rainy afternoon in São Paulo, walking up 5 stories to find a hidden little oasis of 2nd gems. Brazilian electro and freestyle gold. Still some of the best sleeves I’ve found.”

Motivated Mondays, what tune gets you going?

B: “Currently been slamming ‘In My House – Mary Jane Girls’ to get me going in the morning, it’s big, it’s cheesy and makes me smile.”

J: “Nice choice Ben. I’m obsessed with ‘Patience Africa – Let’s Groove Tonight’. She’s singing about the weekend, but it definitely will provide quadruple espresso energy levels for that murky Monday morning.”

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