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RPM: Trieste

“I was born and bred in South Wales (Penarth just outside of Cardiff). I’ve always drawn to nature, the sea and music of course, collecting records since my early teens.”

“I lived out my pre-uni days playing in greebo bands and frequenting indie-rock gigs before moving to Birmingham to study; this is where I was turned to the darkside of early Dubstep, underground Techno raves and the art of DJing.”

“Now I continue to dig, DJ and make music under my Trieste alias as well as marketing and booking shows at Birmingham’s iconic @hareandhoundsbrum venue, leading the Music Marketing, Media & Communications course at music university college BIMM Birmingham. I also co-run and curate club night and record label @erbiumrecords.”

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Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

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Favourite record labels of all time?

“Optimo Music, Bongo Joe, Ninja Tune, Phantasy Sound and Höga Nord to name but a few! “

You’ve been sent on a mission to outer space, you’re allowed to take one record… what is it?

“Bright Green Field – Squid

…off the wall alien music for aliens.”

When digging what are two things that draw you into a record?

“Artwork is always a strong initial draw for me if I am not familiar with the artist or label, and I am also semi-ashamed to say I am a total sucker for coloured wax (I’m a pretty militant collector of Bongo Joe’s 7″ coloured vinyl singles just for starters, so so pretty and shiny!)”

Motivated Mondays, what tune gets your engine going?

“There’s nothing like a bit of uplifting broken beat to get your gears greased on a Monday, one absolute weapon though has to be 4Hero – Hold It Down (Bugz in the Attic Remix).”

It’s a slothy Sunday – what tune are you hanging out to?

“Jasmine Myra – Horizons, a beautiful, slow building jazz number from the album of the same name (the whole thing slaps though, another modern gem from Gondwana Records)”

What is it about vinyl that makes you dig it?

“Vinyl for me just hits different to any other form of musical media format. Each of my vinyls elicit some type of emotion or memory. Some remind me of specific people, some take me back to a memory from the past. There’s just something magical about choosing a record, sticking it on and vibing.”

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