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RPM: Tigas

Tigas is a Brazilian DJ based in London since 2017. A deep digging collector of world music, event producer and co-founder of N’Calma Collective (@coletivoncalma) for over 13 years, his focus now is to collaborate with different artists and bring people together to celebrate their cultures.

” I’m from a small city in the countryside of São Paulo called Santa Bárbara D’oeste (over there we say it is the world’s capital – fun fact). Outside of music collecting I’m a nature lover, sports fan and I’m always looking for a good pub to go to. One of my favorite things to do is cooking nice meals for friends and family when they come over to visit. “

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What were your earliest musical influences?

“It was my parents and their friends. When I was a kid we used to get together on Sundays for a BBQ and after a few drinks it always ended up with what we call “Roda de Samba”. A traditional way to play samba where the musicians sit around a table and everyone else stands around singing along. Let’s say a proper jam session with friends.”

Name one institution that changed your life musically…

“N’Calma Collective.
It was because of this project and my brother (one of the co-founders) that I started DJing.
It was a lot of fun learning using a pioneer CDJ 100 (the best one ever).”

Favourite record labels of all time?

“Far Out Recordings”

What is it about vinyl that makes you dig it?

“I like to explore not just the music of course, but the album art as well. And when it’s time for a proper second hand dig, unless you know the seller, you’ll never know the story behind that record before it got into your hands.”

Your most unexpected connection made through records?

“Once I made a very good friend at the Defectors Weld pub in Shepherds Bush because he was playing a Brazilian tune on vinyl (Kaoma – Chorando se Foi) and I went to talk to him. Since then we became friends and played together a couple of times. He’s from Portugal by the way.”

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