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RPM: Sonic Emporium

The Sonic Emporium aka Simon Stuart brings together an eclectic music taste that draws in a host of specialist sounds from his years of travelling around the world on the. From early days residing at The Cross in London and EXIT Festival in Serbia, though the remainder of the 00’s for northern club disruptor Wax:On, Simon works on multiple musical fronts. By day he works as a music consultant, advising and creating music concepts for the likes of Ace Hotel. By night he’s become a go to selector for some of the world’s most adventurous party people. 2021 saw him delve back into production too, releasing the track Dunstanburgh on new label Methods Of Mellow and a double A side, Punta Galera/Shape & Colour, for the classic Real Balearic imprint.. Head over to his profile to get your ears on to them!

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Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

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First memory of collecting records?

“As a kid, buying new 7s from the newsagents in Haymarket metro station in Newcastle on my way home from school. I remember even then that it felt like a random place to buy records! If I hadn’t spent my pocket money on crisps, I’d buy whatever caught my eye on Top Of The Pops. Mega random purchases. There were lots of re-released Soul classics hitting the charts around the time and House was crossing over, but for every KLF record, there was a Bart Simpson one purchased not long after.”

Where is your digging mecca?

“Up to a couple of years ago and travel came to an abrupt end, Zurich was knocking it out the park. The guys at Hum have that pure dealer knack of putting on tracks as you’re browsing that you have to go over and ask what they’re playing, proper reel you in. An hour later you’re walking out with a pile of killers and an empty wallet. Lot’s of great second hand spots over there too.”

What were your earliest musical influences?

“The most consistent ones would be the music from TV & Film. Composers like John Barry and John Williams. The way they underpin and enhance what’s happening on screen is incredible and they sure know how to create a hook that sticks in your head. It’s easy to understate just how powerful TV themes can be too. When you’re young and soaking up influences, hearing stuff like the theme from Knight Rider or Jonny Briggs week in, week out. Those tunes are gonna stay with you forever.”

Biggest musical influences?

“Jose Padilla, David Mancuso and Laurent Garnier. That’s a next level holy trinity right there.”

Name one friend who’s an ultimate fiend for the wax?

“Sam Don. We worked together for a couple of years and have remained pals since, he loves a good dig and a deal. He worked with Athens Of The North to put together the For The Love Of You compilations, the second and final one of which came out a while back. It’s proper!”

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