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RPM: BB (Supernature Disco)

BB’s vinyl habit began during her early teenage years in London in the 70s as a soul girl, disco queen, punk, reggae lover and acid house raver.

One quarter of Supernature Disco, she and her husband Richie V, started putting on Supernature parties in 2015, recruiting James Greenwood and Rob Jones to join them.

She plays at venues and festivals across Manchester and beyond, including WHP supporting Chic, Homobloc, Refuge, End of Year Riot and Suffragette City, and also Eden, Bluedot, Beat-herder, and Green Island festivals. In 2022 she curated the all woman line-up of DJs and performers for ‘She’s In Control’, part of the Better Sundays one-day festivals at Freight Island.

She is a resident guest DJ on the Triple Dee Radio Show and can also be heard on the Supernature Reform Radio show where she keeps the rest of the Supernature crew in line.

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Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

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Name one institution that changed your life musically and why?

“The Marquee (on the original site in Wardour St, London).
When I was a 16 year old punk in London in 1978, this was THE place to go to hang out and to see new and established punk bands. This exhilarating arena of hormones, sweat, egos and guitars made you feel like anything was possible, and the moment you stepped onto the dancefloor, a rush of excitement and energy hit you. Punk’s DIY and socialist ethics meant me and my friends could affordably experiment with our clothes and identities, and the Marquee became our safe place. The music had drawn me in, but it was this mixed with a sense of being part of something and optimistic energy that meant when acid house emerged almost a decade later, the similarities were hard to resist.”

Weirdest, most quirky record buying experience…

“Ibiza record shop, c. year 2000, asking for a record I didn’t know the name of through the medium of ‘singing and mime’.

After hearing ‘Alan Braxe and Fred Falke presents Running – Intro ’ on the Space dancefloor while on holiday in Ibiza, I went on a mission to find a record shop in Ibiza Town and bring a copy back to the UK. Not having any clue as to what the record was called, me and my friend convinced ourselves that the little of what we could remember – a heavy bassline and some choral “oohs” followed by a semi-yodel “ahh ooh” would be enough to identify it. Not surpisingly, our slap-bass miming and “ooh – oohing” double act in the record shop was met with stony silence, no matter how many renditions or slightly different vocal and mime combinations we used, and after at least 5 attempts, we left empty handed and red-faced!”

Name one friend that is the ultimate fiend for wax…

James Greenwood
(Supernature / Semi-Skimmed Edits)

Our James also has his own record label – Semi-Skimmed Edits and has a killer instinct for finding amazing tunes that end up as top-class edits! He’s always on the hunt for rare vinyl across the globe and down back alleys!”

Who is the person that knows your collection almost as well as you do?

Richie V – Supernature / husband / raver

“Well, you know what they say: “Couples that dig together, stay together” (or something like that!) and as we’ve been together for 35 years, I can safely say that Richie knows our collection better than me, although I must say, I’ve got a bit more patience than him, and often end up finding a great B-side track/cover version that managed to slip through the net.”

What is it about vinyl that makes you dig it?

“Digging for vinyl means I get the chance to revisit forgotten gems and discover stuff that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve found some amazing records, and as there might be only a few copies, you can guarantee that you’re unlikely to hear another DJ play the same tunes. Playing vinyl is so physical too; you need your ears and eyes for mixing and nerves of steel – it’s definitely a challenge, but I love the whole theatre of DJing with vinyl.”

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