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Sina has always been a music lover, buying her first record at only 11 years old. Her passion for vinyl stems from her parents, and her enthusiasm for their extensive record collection.

In the 90s Sina heard a mix by “Boris Dlugosch” on the radio which impressed her very much – inspiring her to start DJing – and her love for house music was born.

Buying records, going to clubs and collecting tapes back then was popular. She worked in a record store and music distribution in Hamburg and started to play out in clubs.

At that time, Sina had a residence in the “Purgatory”, a small house club in Hamburg – her second home. Her love for music remains strong to this day. Sina has always been driven by a passion for listening and sharing music with others!

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What were your earliest musical influences?

“I got the passion and influence for music from my parents! Especially from my father! Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Doors, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Fleetwood Mac were artists that were in the record collection! My father saw Jimi Hendrix live in Hamburg in the Laizhalle and they were at the legendary Fehmarn Festival, so I’m a real hippie kid!”

Who are your biggest musical influences?

“It started with hip hop! Artists like De La Soul, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah! First celebrated at the youth center in the village where I grew up! My love for house music was sparked where When I first heard Barbara Tucker’s Beautiful People on the radio, it changed everything!”

What fascinates you about vinyl?

“Back in the mid-nineties I worked in a record store! It was always a bit like having a birthday when new releases came in packages and you unpacked the records and could listen to them for the first time! I think it’s vinyl after the true art of being a DJ! I can’t do anything else to this day! For example, a record that I take from my collection and that I haven’t heard for a long time will always remind me of certain moments that I associate with it!”

Name an institution that changed your life musically and why?

“Definitely the “Front”, a house club back then in Hamburg in the 90s!

There was an unbelievable atmosphere there! I was able to really live out my love for house music there!
People felt the music as much as I did, that was great!
A club in Hamburg if I had a residency at the time (Purgatory) was wonderful for me, it was my living room! I could party with friends to the music I DJ’d!”

Name a song to soundtrack the sunshine..

“Definitely from Blaze – Lovely Day!!!

For the epitome of joy & sun! “

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