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RPM: Don Grizz

Don Grizz is a record collector, DJ, radio presenter and promoter with over 25 years experience championing exciting new and old music alike.

Having promoted and run his own night including artists by labels such as Big Dada, Wichita Records, Ninja Tune, Original Cultures, Greco Roman he has opened for acts like Gold Panda, Open Mike Eagle, Infinite Livez, Enchante, Elan Tamara, Kulture, Memory 9 & most recently Giles Smith & Alexander Nut amongst many others.

Don currently hosts the Big Smoke Selecta show at Charlie Darks (@daddydarkrdc) influential Run Dem Radio, Anecdotes & Antidotes on @voices_radio as well as The No Limits show at @islingtonradio

Dons trademark multi hour DJ sets take listeners on a journey into sound, seamlessly incorporating different styles and genres.

Don can be found all across London as part of Spiritland Kings Cross & Royal Festival Hall, Exale Brewing, Apothecary with appearances at Brilliant Corners, Behind This Wall, Cafe 1001, The Cause, 40FT, HWK, Vortex Jazz Club, The Columbia, Supermax amongst many others on a regular basis.

Be sure to show some love and give a follow 👉 @dongrizz & also check out his hot sauce @dongrizzogsauce 🌶

Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

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DIGGR: What were your earliest musical influences?

DON GRIZZ: “Growing up in the early 90s in Germany we had a huge influx of American Culture in terms of style, sports and music. For me everything started with early 90s to late 80s American Hip Hop. Getting into that then made me dig into the history of the samples, the origins of music – so Soul, Funk, Reggae, Dub, P Funk, 70s music, Electro etc.

At the same time as Hip Hop morphed with electronic left field music in Europe, I hopped on the journey forward of all the styles and genres that developed and originated from there.”

D: Name one institution that changed your life musically – and why?

DG: “My local record shop – Cover. I am from a small town in Germany, I was a customer from an early age and did a work apprenticeship for school when I was 15 and thereafter started to work in the shop and other record shops for years to come.

Most of my musical knowledge and core collection stems from those days. This shop lit the spark, constantly looking to broaden your horizon musically, looking for that next tune.

D: What is one of your favourite pieces of sleeve art, and why?

DG: “One of the albums I recently rediscovered: 4 Hero – Two Pages. The inner sleeve design and artwork is beautiful and the very timely yet timeless themes of the album are well represented within. I would highly recommend to pick this up for both the music and the artwork.

D: Whats one thing people don’t know about you?

DG: “Apart from collecting records, Djing, Radio presenting and producing I am really into hot sauce. I always liked spicy food but a trip to New Orleans peaked my interest in the many variations of hot sauce. I have since launched my own sauce – Don Grizz OG Sauce. For me food and music are closely related so its a symbiosis between my music styles and sauce, with some future ideas for events etc currently being brainstormed.”

D: Name a song to soundtrack the sunshine…

DG: Hummin’ – Marley Marl.”

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