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RPM: Brian Summers

Brian Summers Aka Ryan Winters. Coventry born London raised.

Resident DJ for @feelingsldn, and @GhostTownseries

From a young age Brian has spent most of his waking hours surfing the internet & record stores for the music you never knew you wanted to hear on the dancefloor. His productions reflect this through his eclectic sampling, always looking for something people haven’t heard before and presenting it in a new artistic vision. Brian doesn’t believe in genres, just good music, so expect to hear a real mixed bag put together in a way to tell a story that’s worth telling.

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DIGGR: Name one institution that changed your life musically…

Brian Summers: “The Rainbow in Birmingham. It was my gateway into dance music. When I was younger I was more into bands, hip hop and skateboarding. When I started going to the rainbow I discovered all sorts of music I hadn’t really been exposed to growing up in Coventry.

I met tons of like minded people and influential music heads that I’m still friends with today. I just felt really free and creative there, it was unlike any other venue I’ve ever been to.”

D: Favourite record labels of all time?

BS: “For years it was Smallville records, mainly because of the great artwork designed by Stefan Marx.These days I’m really diggin’ Public Possession, musically but again the artwork & aesthetics are killing it. And obviously Feelings Worldwide ;)”

D: You’ve been sent on a mission to outer space… you’re allowed to take 1 record. What is it?

BS: John Maus – We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves When I’m flying past the Moon, I guess it would make sense to play ‘Hey Moon’ smoking a joint, looking out the window or solo slow dancing drinking a can of IPA ;D”

D: First record purchase and where you bought it?

BS: Ahh man it was Skee-Lo – I Wish and originally I bought it on tape when I was like 10, I begged my Nan to take me to the Virgin megastore in the town center of Cov. I really resonated with it because I was super short growing up and had a tough time at school, so I’d slap that on the cans and bop to school feeling untouchable. I lost the tape and years later walking through brick lane I saw it just sticking out on the front of a market stall.

I didn’t even have a record player at that point but I just had to buy it. Annoyingly I lost it at a gig at my old residency at Platform in Hackney which is now NT’S. Damn, I should really rebuy it!

D: Who are your biggest musical influences?

BS: “Arthur Russel, J-Dilla these two literally altered my DNA and had a direct influence on the music I make & play. In the 90’s and early 2000’s, I listened to a LOT of hip hop. I used to discover most of it from 411vm which is a VHS video magazine and other skate videos or at Fopp records in Leamington Spa. When I was a bit older and started teaching myself how to make music, I quickly figured out that most of the music I loved was made from flipping samples and listening to J-Dilla’s Donuts from Outro to Intro literally blew my F**king mind. I have tons of influences, from Joy Division to Chet Baker. I romanticize about the life and struggles of the person behind the music I’m listening to and find it creates a deeper connection.

D: Strangest place you found a record….

BS: “I found an abandoned 7” record down an alleyway which I had to go down to get to my house when I lived on Stoke Newington high street. It was just under a traffic cone just sticking out the bottom, it was ‘Get out’ by Roy Hamilton. So,I took it inside and put it on. It starts with a soft intro about him just getting off the telephone, then fuck me, it goes INN. It’s a Northern Soul BARNSTORMER and will have the dancers looking for the talcum powder to put on the dancefloor.

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