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RPM: Leo Luscher

Leo Luscher is a Lausanne and now Marseille based DJ and crate digger who has been sharing his passion and dedication for deep music for a decade now.

Founder of the crew « Limited Brothers » from Switzerland alongside 4 other friends, they have hosted many parties around Switzerland and has welcomed artists such as Alexander Nut, Volcov, Alton Miller, Alex Attias, Sassy J, Mark Grusane and lot more.

“I’ve been working for an electronic music festival in the Swiss alps called Polaris festival. I was working for them as a booker, and I was basically taking care of everything linked to the artists sides for almost 5 years. 

I’ve been moving to Marseille since September as I had an opportunity to work with my friend Folamour for few months to launch his new label.  Now I’m mainly working on my own projects.

I was always very sensitive about music, I guess since my very early age. My parents have been music lovers for years, especially my mother who was really into the 80’s and 90’s stuff. This is probably why I’m digging today deeper into these periods of time. I also grew up in a region with incredible festivals such as Montreux Jazz festival & Cully Jazz which enabled me to see all my greatest idols that inspired me so much.

For 2023, we are excited to have our label coming out that we called « Léman Records » with Victor Jaton (Mystic V), Pierre Wolff (Wolff) and myself which carries the name of our region in Switzerland. We decided to do this project as we wanted to release the music that we love. It’s going to be mainly electronic music and It’s coming out very soon as we are still working on the first release, so you better stay tuned :)”

Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

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Favorite Records Label of all time?

I’m following so many records labels as I’m digging in every genre, but a quiet recent label that is doing amazing work is Backatcha. Their release sounds great as it not always the case for reissued labels and the music itself is always on point.

Biggest Musical Influences? 

For me as a DJ, I would definitely choose Volcov who is a master in the game musically and technically, he inspire me a lot in the way of Djing . Then the one and only Ron Trent which is one the greatest for sure who smashed my head few years back in Geneva, It was incredible! And let’s not forget the don Theo Parrish which also so inspiring for the younger generation like us.

When digging what are 2 of the things that draw you to a record?

Probably the record sleeve that’s definitely one of the reasons why I’ve been collecting vinyl’s for quite a long now and obviously the label itself which is very representative.

Where is your digging Mecca and Why?

Since years, I’ve been connected to Rodolphe Lajudie who owns this great record shop called You Doo right Records in Lausanne. He is a passionate and true music lover. I can always find good deals there in every genre. If you look for Jazz, Disco or Afro music that’s definitely a place to go. He has also great vintage Hi-Fi materials, this is actually where I bought my Cabasse Clipper few years ago!

Name one friend that is the ultimate fiend for the wax?

I would choose my friend and mentor Alex Attias from visions recordings who has been so active in the scene for such a long time as Dj and producer and he a massive collector. He is a true nerd and knows so much about music, he is a simply a legend in Switzerland.

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