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RPM: Chinese Daughter

South London born Chinese Daughter is a vinyl only DJ, collector affiliated with the Swamp 81 collective. Her sets and radio sessions showcase her favourite selections of original, new, and future, Jungle records and the sounds of bass-lead old school rave, and future hardcore, and breaks she finds in between.

“I grew up with a single mum who loved Erykah (Badu) and Jill Scott and my dad is an avid Chicago House follower. (When i was younger) I’d make up dances to all the best black RnB / pop music and was a BIG fan of Rodney Jenkins. Once I started going out (RIP Cable on Bermondsey St) it was a wrap! DJing came to be  an organic progression for me – I genuinely do this because I love mixing with people. That’s essentially how I became a part of Swamp 81 with Loefah.”

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Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

🤔 Who should be on the next RPM feature?

7, 10, or 12 inches?

For my back – I’d say 10’s but to be honest, the bigger the better! 12″ is king as you can squeeze a few more tracks in.

Is there anyone who knows your collection as well as you do?

Probably @Brinham my Croydon love – she tunes into most radio shows I do and has been beside me at many sets out. She is also an avid collector with TASTE!

What is it about vinyl that makes you dig it?

It’s a little neeky obsession of mine – it’s a physical thing I can hold and finding records takes you down a different avenue to spotify and broadens my taste. Also, the people – people who love vinyl are usually the kindest and most thoughtful people and I’ve made very certy friends through our mutual love of records.

Your birthday track?

Usher – You Don’t Have to Call.

This track could be my first wedding dance song too, ironically! And it’s usual what I want to play if I’m riding shotgun in a cab and have the aux… properly nostalgic with that Neptunes production and never fails to make me do that ‘nuh uhh’ finger thing that girls growing up in the 90’s / 00’s do, (if you know you know)”

It’s a Slothy Sunday. What tune are you hanging out to?

Cash Maniac by Junior Williams baaaabyyy – a sexy and humorous track about a bloke needing a woman because he’s broke. The bass line and twinkly synths are perfect for a Sunday! Bill one / pour one, dance in the mirror and check out your ass in the mirror behind you.”

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