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RPM: Tom Belte

DJ and radio host Tom Belte from South Birmingham presents The Collective on Brum Radio from 5pm till 8pm fortnightly on Thursday evenings. He is an enthusiastic music head who is attracted to all types of music and the practice of radio and musical counterculture.

He enjoys going record shopping, watching strange films, reading outsider books and anything else that takes his interest. He has been DJing most recently at Hockley Social Club and Café Artum in Birmingham.

Tom fell in love with vinyl when he was 18 and he has been adding music to his record room since then. Most recently he has provided mixes for the Moments In Love series and the Crest of a Wave radio show.  

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Favourite record labels of all time?

“Most recently I have really loved going through the International Anthem releases especially the Carlos Nino and Miguel Attwood Ferguson recording – ‘Chicago Waves’ which is a deep Spiritual Jazz and New Age journey. But for the real all timers – Claremont 56, Aficionado Records, Morning Trip, Time Capsule, Emotional Rescue, Strut Records, Athens Of The North, Music For Dreams, Music From Memory all come to mind. An extra special shout out to Audika Records for all the Arthur Russell represses and releases as well.”

Who are your biggest musical influences?

“My best musical influences come from my friends and the people I have connected with in my life who have shared their favourite music with me. I really like hearing what other people are enjoying or digging, especially from my close pals. Shout out to Jon Gilday, Steve Thornton,
Rob J, Adam Shelton and Christy Lakeman. These folks are all from Birmingham and I love hearing what music they are into. Going to the Lucky Cloud Sound System party in London changed the way I thought about music, the egalitarian dancefloor experience and sound – there was no going back after going to that party. “

What is it about vinyl that makes you dig it?

“Involving myself through the format of vinyl is like going to an everlasting well of new and exciting discoveries. There is always going to be something brilliant just around the corner, only a few days ago I found a Hari Krishna Kirtan recording which was privately pressed in Germany in the 1970’s, it was found in a dusty junk shop close to an airfield in South Staffordshire. The hunt never ends with going into local and faraway record stores, digging in charity shops, and browsing online. On my holiday trips around the world, I love to go to record stores and I have found some beautiful music in these places, finding records incMexico City was a very special experience.”

You’ve been sent on a mission to outer space, you are allowed to take 1 record. What is it?

“John Coltrane – A Love Supreme.

I would play it from the start to finish to the aliens that I would meet, and they would need to sit all the way through it. Then there would be a bit of inter planetary partying with hopefully a very good Klipschorn sound system and my friends would be there with me.”

It’s a slothy Sunday, what tunes are you hanging out to?

“I have really loved the Talk Talk homage recorded by Held By Trees called ‘In The Trees’, Mark Barrott found his groove and purple patch with his ‘Johatsu’ mini album which is especially beautiful. Adriaan Swerts from Belgium last year created a stunning debut album on the fragility of nature and life. It’s called ‘One’ – and a big tip. Oh, and a bit of Nick Drake’s LP ‘Bryter Later’ would not hurt either. All of these would sound great on a Sunday.”

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