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RPM: Sahpé

Michael Sahpé has been releasing under aliases “Sahpé”, “Forgetting Factor”, and “mikaelantony” on labels like Preset, In Fact, Arabica, Avatara, Angry Monkey, Dobara, and Baroque Music, and now on People Of The Light (POTL), Love International, Felt Records, with more releases soon!

He has a long-standing run as a skilful DJ in various clubs in the UK, France, and Greece, as well as radio shows on London’s Hoxton FM and Aaja Music. Sahpé’s DJ sets tap into club-intelligent music and blend cross-genre gems with unexpected flashbacks that take diverse cues; from sunny tribal house to tech-house and underground minimal, to electro and techno when the crowd craves it.

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What are your first memories of collecting records?

“A record store opened up in 1994, in my hometown of Thessaloniki, Greece, the infamous Kinetik Records, I spent every free minute of my life in that shop up until I left Greece to move to the UK. I remember feeling quite out of place initially, but the rotating DJs kept playing their selected records and I vividly remember constantly getting goosebumps from their music. So I’d pick the tracks I loved and try to find if there is another copy of that record. Most times, there wasn’t… But when there was… BLISS! I guess I caught the bug for record-digging right there and then. I was 14.”

What were your earliest musical influences?

“DJ Savage (aka Novatek), who owned the Kinetik Records store, was already a big name in Europe at the time when I got into electronic music, record digging, and production as well.
With releases on Harthouse, Flagbearer, Treibstoff, and many many others, it was impossible to not be influenced by his output! Otherwise, I have to say – Chris Cowie (Bellboy), Kevin Saunderson, Laurent Garnier, Kevin Yost, and beyond all… Depeche Mode.”

Favourite record labels of all time?

“Kinetik Records, Bellboy, Cabinet, Grow, Stay Up Forever, X-Trax, Bush, Sondos, and more recently Uncage. Every single release from these labels is pure class. “

What is it about vinyl that makes you dig it?

“The feel, the smell, the warmth of sound… there’s nothing like it.”

Where is your digging Mecca (city / country) and why?

“When I came to the UK in 1999, I could only order records through my local HMV (believe it or not), and HTFR, so I didn’t really grow my collection all that much. Then I moved to Manchester in 2002 and basically lost my mind! Eastern Bloc, Vinyl Exchange, and so many others, just endless ways to spend all my pocket money, and I did! Suffice to say, around that period, I was the skinniest I’ve ever been in my life! So, my Mecca must be Manchester just because of my history with that city. I still buy a few records whenever I visit, especially from Eastern Bloc.”

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