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RPM: Pasta Kebab

“I’m half Italian half Cypriot (hence the name) from North West London, I’m studying my masters in Performance Design and Practice at Central St. Martins, part of Kite Hill Soundsystem, alongside working asa multidisciplinary artist and production designer.”

“I study the art behind performance, specifically musical performances, and I am really besotted by all the elements behind dance spaces, alongside DJing I have written extensively on the presence of soundsystem culture in the UK as an act of protest. I am also a production designer, involved with Notting Hill Carnival, part of a hand crafted sound system, producing dubby-tinged music, and I am a resident at Aaja Radio where I explore otherworldly sounds. I am really immersed in the world of performative musical spaces and I am always connecting myself further into this world!”

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Name one institution that changed your life musically… and why?

“The Cause back in 2018/19 has to be where I really started to dig deep into club culture and nightlife. Seeing a club grow from a couple of rooms to becoming one
of the leading musical hubs in London has given me faith that there’s a somewhat of a future for London nightlife. Lots of opportunities came my way purely by being on the dance floor, I felt I had a real presence there and I’ve always held onto that.”

Name a song to soundtrack the sunshine…

“Monsoon Wedding – Fusebox (Alexkid remix).
This is from an Indian film, ‘Monsoon Weddinvg’, that my Stepmum and Dad showed me when I
was a kid. Each composition grows more and more emotive and mirrors the movie’s progressive tone, and I’m reminded of that whenever I whack on this gorgeous fluid-dub-sunshine filled song.”

Motivated Mondays … What tune gets your engine going?

“Ahora Si, Furious Frank ft. Ivy Barkakati (D. Tiffany Remix)
I have so many beautiful memories listening to this song. One of those songs that gives me an instant rush, and immediate euphoria.”

What is one of your favourite pieces of sleeve art and why?

“Half a Pill by Reckonwrong.
It’s got everything I love- striking typography, a flower, a hug of clear plastic. Just gorgeous I love it, it’s everything I love all wrapped up into one gorgeous dramatic but stripped back sleeve.”

What is it about vinyl that makes you dig it?

“Vinyl for me just hits different to any other form of musical media format. Each of my vinyls elicit some type of emotion or memory. Some remind me of specific people, some take me back to a memory from the past. There’s just something magical about choosing a record, sticking it on and vibing.”

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