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RPM: Nokomis

Anna Nokomis is a Scottish singer/songwriter, now based in London that released her debut album “In Waves” throughout the pandemic in 2019/2020

“The first vinyl that I added to my collection were 3 drum and bass records gifted to me from a friend for my 15th Birthday. Since then I’ve picked up a few bits here and there but didn’t start properly collecting until about 5 years ago…”

“If someone was to describe my record collection it would be an eclectic mix of genres and that I have a soft spot for film soundtracks..”

“Buying records is one of the best ways you can directly support an artists work. I love the ritual of putting on a record and listening from start to finish, something we rarely do now with streaming. You can’t beat the sound and feel of vinyl and each record I own evokes a memory.”

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What are your first memories of collecting records?

“My Mum gifted me Vangelis’ soundtrack for Blade Runner at Christmas one year and it’s been one of the favourites in my collection ever since…”

Name one friend that is the ultimate fiend for the wax…

“The person I know with the most amazing vinyl collection would be Dominik Bartmański – @vinyldomain”

Name a song to soundtrack the sunshine…

“‘Everybody loves the sunshine’ by Roy Ayers”

Strangest place you found a record….

“Digging in a dusty old farm house in Scotland.”

When digging, what are 2 of the things that draw you to a record?

“Genre and record label.”

What is one of your favourite pieces of sleeve art and why?

“Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ – the sleeve art is so iconic and this record evokes happy memories, so I smile whenever I see it.”

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