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RPM: Nahomi

“I am originally from Antibes, France, but I have been living in Lausanne, Switzerland for the past 15 years. In addition to my career as a DJ, I am currently pursuing my studies as a graphic design student”

“I’ve been immersed in music since my early childhood in electronic music. Music is a family affair, my mum is also a Dj. Thanks to her, I was raised on vinyl, so I knew how to forge my musical education between house, techno, soul, hip hop and more sustained sounds. So finally, 3 years ago, I decided to become a Dj, I had no expectations and I just really wanted to play and share the music a grew up with.”

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Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

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Name one record that sums up your happiest memories and where does it take you back to?

“There are so many tracks, but if I have to pick one, it would be the Ananda Project’s “Cascades of Colour.” The first time I heard it, I was 18 and went to see Kerri play with friends in Lyon at a festival called “Evasion.” We were beside a lake at sunset, and the lyrics talk about the colors of the setting sun, creating a magical atmosphere. Kerri played it precisely at the right moment, knowing how to capture the magic. I felt blessed to experience that instant. It was one of those moments when I realized that this music resonated in me deeply…”

What are your first memories of collecting records?

It was probably at Innerdisc, in Toulouse. Towards the end of my teenage years, I helped Fred, the owner of the record shop who I’d known since childhood, to organise the place, as it was just the beginning of his adventure. It was my first real experience in a record shop, initiating my passion for collecting vinyl and discovering electronic labels. During this period, I took notes on some post-it and on my phone, driven by the desire to absorb and discover everything. This is where it all began. One of the first vinyl I bought there was “Sunshower” by Nami Shimada & Soichi Terada. As an unconditional fan of Japan, the fusion of electronic music with one of the country’s most emblematic DJ producers filled my heart.”

What were your earliest musical influences?

“Without a doubt, House Music is the genre that has resonated the most with me. The person who has the biggest influence on my musical journey is my mother Lea Lisa, who has been a DJ since the 90s. As a baby born in 1997, I was exposed to House music from the first few days of my life. Kerri Chandler too, he and my mum have always been close, they have a commitment to this music that commands respect. Growing up with both of them over the years has played a very important role in shaping my musical tastes. They are my mentors. I’m very lucky…”

What’s one thing that people don’t know about you?

“I’m also a huge fan of video games, and I’ve cultivated a similar level of passion for both music and gaming. Feel free to ask me anything about Zelda, oops, I meant to say you can ask me anything about this game, I know them by heart ! I could talk about it for hours.”

Name a song to soundtrack the sunshine…

“Donna Summer – Spring Affair”

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