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RPM: Levi Love Disco

Levi Berishvili, better known as Levi Love Disco ,a young emerging selector from the the Mountain region of Racha, paving his way into the ever exciting Georgian music scene.

At the age of 21 he has had an impressive run with his DJing, spinning his records in clubs and festivals of high caliber; Club Der Visionare , Khidi , Mountain festival , and his 3 year long residency in 2018 with Ezo festival.

As his name suggests, his true passion is collecting and sharing disco records from all time periods. However like most of us, he enjoys playing a wide range of music. When playing in clubs and festivals he speaks of taking influence from house DJs such as Ron hardy and Jeremy Underground, fusing disco and house sounds to create the energy and excitement his sets deliver

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What were your earliest musical influences?

“I was born in the Western side of Georgia , a mountain region called Racha where music and dance culture is on high level and I was watching people dancing and singing folk material from my childhood and it always had a big influence on me, long before I started DJing and collecting records, I was doing traditional dances in
my public school.”

Strangest place you found a record?

“My Mom’s house , I never knew my mom was collecting records in the 90’s. There were some classics from Melodia Recordings which was one of the biggest pressing labels in the USSR. One that I remember was of a funky disco band called ‘Dielo’.”

7, 10 or 12 inches?

“A record is a record of course – but as a disco DJ ,
7 inches are the most beautiful thing, I just love the way they look. Also, all the rare old disco boogie songs are pressed on 7’s and I think that’s the main reason why I love them most.”

Name a song to soundtrack the sunshine…

“Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold – by Maurice Moore from 1976 , track title states why :)”

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