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RPM: Frederika

Frederika was born in Bulgaria and is currently based in London. She is a DJ and one half of the force behind @discsoffunandlove, a reissue label that focuses on shining a light on forgotten music and bringing lost, soulful treasures back to the dance floor once more.

The label has gotten steady support from the likes of @gillespeterson@mrs_cruff, Hunee (@hunchmusic), @mafaldadaniel and many more.

Their 6th release DFL006 is released on Sep 3. 7 inches of pure soulful goodness that takes you on a trip to Wisconsin in 1983 with Jimmy Mack’s “Pop Goes The Weasel”. Featuring the original and an edit on the flip from renowned maestro @admin_bristol

When not busy running the label alongside fellow co-founder, you can find Frederika sharing her music about town in London, with regular appearances for her residency at Kings Cross audiophile venue @spiritland as well as other prestigious havens like @brilliant_cnrs and party joints such as @number90bar and @powbrixton.

She’s also no stranger to on air appearances and has guested and hosted on various London stations such as and @sohoradio.

When it comes to her crates, the musical leaning changes like the seasons, each year her collection morphing shape and adapting to accomodate the various musical styles that catch her curious ear – from Jazz, Soul, Funk and Disco to Punk and Rock to House and Techno and Bass music, Hip Hop, Reggae and everything that falls between.

Having also recently picked up learning the Bass guitar, you can expect to hear a fair few bassline heavy tracks in her selections.

As if all that is not enough to keep her busy, Frederika has also been building a recording facility in Hackney Wick, with 3 sound proofed and acoustically treated production rooms that’s available for dry hire – so if you’re looking for a space to record, hit her up!

Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

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What were your earliest musical influences?

“Everything that my mum would listen to. She had a huge cassette collection and a walkman I used to listen them on since I was four. She was into INXS, Elton John, Wet Wet Wet, Queen – I was soaking it all up like a sponge, lyrics and all.”

Name a song to soundtrack the sunshine

“Gene Harris – Losalamitoslatinfunklovesong. Best in the scorching heat.”

First record purchase and where you bought it?

“I had just moved to Nottingham in 2013 where I studied and I went to Rough Trade. Up until then I’d always bought CDs because I didn’t have a turntable and there wasn’t any place in my hometown where you could buy vinyl. When I moved to the UK I saw that all music shops sold records as well as CDs and I’d always go and flip through them but never bought any because I didn’t have a player. That year I got really into hip hop and the music hip hop sampled from and I was just in the middle of discovering and rinsing Illmatic so that day in Rough Trade I got Illmatic and What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye. Four months later I got my first Audio Technica turntable.”

You’ve just been dumped… what’s on the turntable?

“You know, with age I’ve grown wiser so whenever something sad happens I’m trying to play uplifting songs because sad moments combined with sad songs leave me a complete mess these days. However, if I really feel like punishing myself in this situation I’d play It’s Gonna Be Lonely by Prince on repeat.”

You’ve been sent on a mission to outer space… you’re allowed to take one record. What is it?

“I have this really nasty habit of rinsing newly discovered albums for weeks until I can’t possibly listen to them anymore. So all my all time favourites I can’t think of bringing with me to outer space because I’ve heard them enough times. However, the one album that I re-discovered recently that I’m still not tired of is the Universal Togetherness Band LP of previously unreleased songs put out by Numero Group. That band is just so damn TIGHT.”

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