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RPM: Fannoire Ge

Fannoire Ge is a DJ based in London, UK, and is widely known for his former monthly radio shows, on Hackney’s award winning Netil Radio as well as North London’s Back2BackFM (now Halen London) .

He’s taken a sabbatical from Radio in order to focus on a project of his own , becoming co-founder and Artistic Director of Mission London (@mssnldn) , London’s premium live streaming studio, based in Tottenham N17!

He says: “I could go on about my musical upbringing and the influence my father had on shaping my taste , as well as doing 100’s of odd jobs before buying my first pair of Technics, but I don’t want to bore you ! …Grew up in London, and as you can imagine I was influenced by all sorts of things, people & places…With professional experience of over 10 years, I like to think of myself as a purveyor of quality dance music; Let’s put it this way: if it doesn’t have an infectious groove I won’t play it! “

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DIGGR: What’s your first memories of collecting records?

Fannoire Ge: “I used to work at my dad’s shop on Holloway Road, selling ladies handbags at the time (one of my many, many jobs) during the day, and then shoot off for my second job as a civil servant (dont judge) . In between I would pop down to Eukatech Records, to buy records (2-3 per day at that time). That records store was a proper hub for all things house and techno.

I was once having a fag outside chatting to someone and they said they were working with Richard, and I said Richard who? And they said Richard D James (Aphex Twin). This man was one half of D’arcangelo, an Italian duo who produced a few LP’s on Rephlex Records.”

D: Name one institution that changed your life musically…

FG: “I’ve seen it come up a few times on RPM, but I reckon Fabric was (I stress “was”) something of an institution here in the UK. I first visited in 1999, as a student, on a Friday night, for a D’n’B night, (as I was into it at the time), but once I went there on a Saturday, that was it!! I never looked back. House music became my thing.

I was practically there every Saturday for many years.”

D: Strangest place you found a record….

FG: “Not just one record, but 300+ records!! Found them on the side of the road not too long ago actually, in N17. Still going through them. I am actually playing at Brilliant Corners soon and I am planning on doing a 5 hour set, with selections from this roadside find alone! There’s some excellent bits in there, and in good condition too.

Crazy that someone would throw away all these records, but one man’s loss is another’s gain.”

D: 7 inches, 10 inches, or 12inches?

FG: “Defo 12’s for me. I go for extended or 12” mixes, the longer the track the better for me, as in those sessions the musicality comes through, the musicians are allowed to express themselves, in ways that a radio or a 45 edit won’t allow you to do.

Also they’re good for chatting to people (as well as toilet breaks).

D: What’s one thing that people don’t know about you?

FG: ” i had a hip replacement in January 2022 !! HA! Incredible really, as i’m only 41, but it needs to be done, as I’ve been in a lot of pain for quite a long time.

Also the other thing that people don’t know about me, is that I take my time with opening links… any links… but music especially, it takes me years sometimes…

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