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RPM: Delonte Rivers

Peter Bailey also known under his Delonte Rivers moniker, is a collector, DJ, promoter & also works for vinyl press, Key Production.

His collective, @everybody_loves_to_boogie was born in 2016 in Bristol and run by Delonte Rivers and Hani (@hani_bonnans ). Promoting feel good music from every corner of the planet and beyond is the name of their game. It started as an online platform to shine a light on upcoming artists and labels, it’s now evolved into a movement to get everyone around the world dancing. The focus is to create a fun and vibrant space where no matter who you are or where you’re from.

“When I’m not collecting or playing records I’m making them for others. Working for Key Production, I help record labels manufacture vinyl and more through our network of suppliers. Let’s all dance together x”

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Each week we will be taking a dip into the crates and minds of some of the digging scenes most prolific collectors.

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What are your first memories of collecting records?

“I learnt to DJ at Uni while at UWE in Bristol, I brought myself a pair of Gemini CDJs, locked myself away and practiced for hours on end. Once I’d got the hang of these I got the bug for DJing and wanted the real thing so I took them down to Cash Converters, this was at a time when vinyl had not had its revival yet so for only a small additional cost, I managed to trade these in for a pair of Technic 1210 MK3’s with needles. I still can’t believe how much I got them for compared to what you’d pay today and they are still going strong 12 years later, they haven’t even needed a service yet. The next day I went to Idle Hands and brought as many records as I could afford to practice with, some I still have today like Horse Power Productions – The Lost Tapes EP with the original mix
of What We Do and Mosca’s The Wavey EP.”

Name one institution that changed your life musically…

“Brilliant Corners definitely changed my thoughts on DJing. I spent many evenings at their pop up venue Giant Steps a few years ago before it sadly had to close, it’s now their travelling sound system. Listening to DJs such as Antal, John Gomez, Mr Scruff, Brian Not Brian, Ruf Dug and so many more really opened my eyes to different ways of approaching it. Hearing one song finish, a pause, and another start was so refreshing, I realised you don’t have to beat match everything, you don’t have to follow one record with another that’s the same speed or genre, its all about playing that next track that feels right in that moment.”

Favourite record labels of all time?

“Backatcha Records has got to be my favourite label right now, every release is pretty much buy on sight at the moment. They reissue an amazing variety of old gems that span Soul, Funk, Reggae, Disco and all the sub genres in between. It’s a dream label for someone like me who enjoys playing across the board and collects both dancefloor hits as well as easy listening jams, check them out, but you will have to be quick, they sell out fast. Also the care and attention they put in to both pressing quality and recreating the artwork is flawless. If I had to pick one release of theirs it’s got to be Garden Of Eden – Everybody’s On A Trip, it rarely leaves my record bag.”

Strangest place you found a record….

“I once found a 45 of Michael Jackson – Rock With You in a park bush as I was walking by. 

I later played it at 33rpm and it sounds like an
old Seal soul track, try it out.”

What is it about vinyl that makes you dig it?

“I firstly I love collecting stuff and so this feeds that addiction very easily, plus they all get played either at home or at gigs so I have the perfect excuse to buy more. Secondly I really enjoy a lazy weekend digging through second hand records, I discover so much music that way that I may have never of found otherwise, shop owners and other diggers always have great recommendations too, going down Youtube rabbit holes is nowhere near as good.”

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