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The Push to Archive the History of Jungle and D&B

Historians aim to document small labels, record shops, pirate radio stations and clubs that helped scene thrive

Mike De Underground, the owner of De Underground Records, a shop central to the development of jungle and drum’n’bass, with Cool Hand Flex, DJ Randall, Johnny 2 Bad, MC Fats and DJ Marly Marl. Photograph: Eddie Otchere

Chingford Sainsbury’s may be an unlikely setting for an encounter that helped capture a key part of British cultural history, but MC Navigator’s weekly shopping trip to his local supermarket would prove crucial.

Navigator, one of the leading figures in the jungle and drum’n’bass scene in the 1990s, bumped into Uncle 22 – another important player – who had been under the radar for years and was picking up some bits with his mum.

Read the full article on The Guardian written by Lanre Bakare HERE

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