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Copy of Revelations Per Minute - 60 Seconds with Phat Phil Cooper

Shenaaz has been digging for all forms of music for over 20 years - Born & bred in South Africa and since relocating to the UK, her drive to share what she’s so passionate about has only intensified. The versatility of her collection spans across Electronic, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Downtempo & Deep House - this has made it peculiar yet befitting for her to spin across various venues in and around London.

Shenaaz is also the Co-founder/host of T.A.M.E (Trans Atlantic Music Experience) which is a showcase of music that is mostly influenced by the exploration and resistance to oppression by people, influences, ideas, and music from across the Atlantic - which has shaped and fused different styles and genres around the world. T.A.M.E (@tamexperience) is hosted by and Shenaaz and Leeroy (@leetee86

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DIGGR: One record that sums up your happiest memories and where does it take you back to?

Shenaaz: "First that comes to mind is The Life of Clutchy Hopkins by Clutchy Hopkins - Ahhhh man, there’s just so many good memories that I can associate with this album. From road trips in South Africa’s mountainous villages to late nights with good friends chatting life, music, and love."

D: What is your favourite piece of sleeve art and why?

S: "John Lennon/Yoko Ono's - Double Fantasy – I’m absolutely in love with the passion, love and profoundness projected by this sleeve - so captivating."

D: When digging what are 2 things that draw you to a record?

S: "The instruments mentioned on the back of the record and Sleeve art."

D: Where is your digging Mecca (City/country) and why?

S: "London. I've made so many rare vinyl discoveries all round London stores. On top of that, each store is usually brimming with its own energy that always finds a way to feed into mine."

D: Motivated Mondays... What tune gets your engine going?

S: "At the moment - Jacques Renault - Let Me Jacq (Tee Mango Remix) I love the energy, and yet, there are also so many elements with a sweet twist. Truly makes Monday's seem not all that bad."

Thanks Shenaaz for sharing your digs with us!

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