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Copy of Revelations Per Minute - 60 Seconds with Lester Duval

We caught up with Olivia aka the fantastically named Panorama Barre:

" I used to write and perform music as a solo artist and I studied Popular Music as my degree at Goldsmiths. As I became more into clubbing and electronic music, I decided to invest more of my free time into learning how to mix records and I haven't really looked back. I've always been massively into fitness due to the affect it has on my mental health, so a few years ago I quit my job, trained as a fitness instructor and started my own business where I combine collecting and mixing records with fitness routines. So I create monthly mixes and teach choreographed routines to the music I've selected and put together. The business is called Panorama Barre as the main type of workout I teach is called Barre, and I teach online as well as in studios across East London. "

Be sure to give her a follow 👉 @panorama_barre

DIGGR: When digging, what are 2 of the things that draw you to a record?

Panorama Barre: "A strong groove and odd sounds that have an interesting timbre. It needs to excite me because there is something in it that I haven't quite heard before!

D: You've been sent on a mission to outer space... you're allowed to take one record. What is it?

PB: "I'd take Apollo 303 - Barbarella Calling (Lost in Space), haha! It's very atmospheric and floaty with a distorted vocal sample that says 'lost in space'. Basically, it would be perfect for setting the scene whilst bopping about in outer space... Lol"

D: Motivated Mondays... What tune gets your engine going?

PB: "I can't have anything too distracting whilst working as I just end up listening to the tunes instead of focussing... But a tune that gets me raring to go for a workout at the moment is Numerique - All The Buddhas.""

D: What is it about vinyl that makes you dig it?

PB: "For me, it's the sexiest and rawest format for me to engage with music that I love. I love the way vinyl looks, feels and sounds. I also have a closer bond with the records that I own than if I'm buying digital tracks so it feels special to me in this way. I see my records as collectors items that have memories attached to them, which I can always look back on later in life :)"

D: What's one thing that people don't know about you?

LD: "I went to music school for 7 years before I started collecting records and mixing. I used to sing, write music and play guitar and piano, but as my love for electronic music grew I decided to direct my focus onto DJing instead.

Thanks Olivia for sharing your digs with us!

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