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Keeping the Spirit of Crate Digging Alive

A global music community inspiring record collectors to connect both on and offline.


We are creating the largest thriving community in the world of engaged collectors, stores and fairs/events combined in one platform. 

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Image by Nischal Masand

Unity in Diversity 

Diggr app celebrates and highlights the diversity of vinyl culture, from Brazilian Bossa Nova to Detroit Techno, Japanese Funk to Afropop, Neo-Soul to Rock n Roll. 


From the Jazz professor to the bedroom House DJ, there runs a common thread of passion through the global community - Diggr app provides a new way to connect with fellow record collectors worldwide based on shared taste and interests.


Supporting Sustainability

Virtually every piece of vinyl produced is still in existence, and non-recyclable. After vast experimentation over the years, it has been crowned the champion of physical formats. A resurgence in recent times suggests that it’s back… and here to stay.

With this in mind, we support raising awareness around
sustainability in the industry, as well as physically supporting the efforts of global projects working hard to forge new methods of vinyl production. 


One Diggr’s trash is another’s treasure.  Diggr app encourages second hand trading or gifting of pre-loved records, and provides an opportunity for users to get their hands on new finds, in the moment, by connecting & trading with fellow Diggrs around them.

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Connection & Discovery

Diggr engages the benefits of today’s technology to sustain the original thrill of the search by using location, and preference of musical taste, to connect Diggrs with relevant members of the community - a fertile ground for new friendships, professional networking, and discovering music.