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Discover Diggrs Nearby.
Connect & Trade Records.

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We know that every record tells a story. And behind those stories are people.
Diggr is the peer-to-peer network that is here to bring back the true spirit of crate digging.

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GPS based mobile app. Browse records, events & digging spots.

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Take things offline, back to where digging began – in the real world.

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There’s no better feeling than discovering records in unexpected places. With Diggr at your fingertips, the
hunt for records is more adventurous. Meet collectors and access hidden crates around the world.

Discover Unity
in Diversity

We celebrate the diversity and unity that collecting records entails – a pursuit that spans worldwide through shared taste and interests. 

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One Diggr's trash is another's treasure.

Pre-loved records not only carry a historical legacy, passed through many hands, enjoyed by many ears – using Diggr to seek out new records contributes to the circular economy and reduces waste.

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